Teen Startup Weekend – DECA $600 Challenge for Albuquerque Public Schools and Rio Rancho


Nov. 8 Update: Thanks to generous donation match of Scott Maloney the Challenge is Now $600!


What is the Teen Startup Weekend DECA Challenge for Albuquerque Public School and Rio Rancho? Applies to any New Mexico DECA Program

Teen ABQ Startup Weekend will donate $300, wait that is now $600, to the DECA program of the APS or Rio Rancho high school that has the most participants in Teen ABQ Startup Weekend. The students do not need to be member of the DECA club. For Event Details: teenalbuquerque.startupweekend.org

Why have the challenge?

As of November 4th, less than 20% of the Teen Albuquerque Startup Weekend registrations were from students in APS and Rio Rancho Schools although they represents well over 80% of eligible students.


The goals of DECA are closely aligned with the goals of Teen Startup Weekend. Since there will be more Teen Startup Weekends, developing a relationship with the clubs and their students is important.

Are there rules?

Yes, a necessary few to ensure that there is clarity.

  • The students only have to be from the high school, they do not need to be members of the DECA club.
  • The students need to register and participate in the event.
  • The winning DECA program will be named at the final day of the event during the awards presentation.